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How to Notify Guests of a Change Of Date Due

March 17, 2020
March 17, 2020


Now that your vendor team is on board for your new wedding date, it’s time to notify your guests.


This may feel overwhelming, but the good news is, this is something you can enlist friends and family to help you with! I’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps.

  1. Divide and Conquer
  2. Set a New RSVP Date
  3. Take a Break From Wedding Plans for the Rest of the Week


Step 1: Divide and Conquer

Split your list up into parts …maybe use family groups or college friends as a divider …something that makes it easy for you to give 10 – 20 names to your mom, sister or maid of honor, some to your fiancé and maybe his mom or a family member etc. If you are able to split this up, you should be able to have everyone notified by the end of the day.


I suggest emailing, texting or call each person on your list, not just those who RSVPed.


Why contact everyone? Because with the change of date, some of the RSVPs will change. So who could come may not be able to and vice versa. I know it sounds like such a hassle, but you will need to basically start fresh with the RSVPs.


Not sure what to say? Try something like this:


Dear _______,


Given the general uncertainty that is happening around COVID-19, we have decided the most responsible decision we can currently make is to postpone our wedding scheduled for ________.


We remain excited to celebrate with you and have selected __________ as our new wedding date.


We hope you will be able to join us then! No need to RSVP now, we will be in touch later to follow up once things around the Coronavirus settle down and we can all start to make plans again. We just wanted you to have this information just as soon as possible.


All our love,




Step 2: Set a new RSVP date

With so much uncertainly still in place, I suggest asking for an RSVP 3 weeks before your new date. While I usually need to have your final guest count 2 weeks before, we will be flexible here and require it 7 days before instead.


Thinking about printing new invitations? Well, maybe, maybe not. Don’t worry about that right now. I have some more resources coming your way to help with that. Today’s goal is just to let your friends and family know that the original date has changed.


Step 3: Take a deep breath

You have done the most important things at this point so take the rest of the week to just put any and all wedding plans on the shelf for a moment. You have made a lot of emotional decisions in a very short time and it can take it’s toll on your own health and well-being. So just take some time to try and relax, snuggle up with your sweetie and just be grateful for your incredible friends and family who can’t wait to celebrate with you …even if that is a bit later than originally planned.


Download these tips and feel free to share:


How To Notify Your Guests PDF