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5 Fabulous Reasons to Get Married on a Friday

December 7, 2023
December 7, 2023

As you embark on your wedding planning journey, one of the first big decisions you’ll face is picking the perfect day to celebrate. While Saturday weddings have long been the standard, there’s a charming, often overlooked contender that deserves your attention: Friday.

Here are five reasons why a Friday might be the perfect fit for your wedding day.



  1. Save Money

Let’s start with a practical advantage. Venues and vendors (including CJ’s Off the Square) often offer lower rates for Friday weddings since it’s traditionally in less demand than Saturday. This means you can allocate more of your budget to other wedding wishes. Maybe you can splurge on your dream dress or invest in that amazing photographer you’ve been eyeing.


  1. More Dates to Choose From

With Saturdays quickly booked up, especially during peak seasons, opting for a Friday increases your chances of securing your dream venue and preferred vendors. Less competition for dates means you can have your heart set on a location and a team that truly resonates with your vision, without having to plan years in advance.


  1. An Entire Weekend of Celebration

Imagine kicking off a weekend in style with your wedding! A Friday event paves the way for an entire weekend of celebration with your loved ones. It’s perfect for additional gatherings, brunches, or relaxed goodbyes, ensuring quality time with each of your guests who might have traveled far to be with you.


  1. Availability for Your Guests

If you’re like many couples, your guestlist is probably made up of a mix of local guests and friends and family who may be traveling. Guests who travel may find it easier and less expensive to attend a Friday wedding. Having your wedding on Friday is a great excuse for them to enjoy a long weekend getaway – something we could all use more of!

Your local guests, especially those with kids, may have other commitments on Saturdays, making it tricky to attend your wedding. Getting out of work a little bit early for a Friday evening wedding can be a lot easier to manage than rearranging a day full of school and sports activities.


  1. An Early Start to Your Honeymoon

For those eager to jet off to their honeymoon, a Friday wedding is ideal. You can start your romantic getaway as early as Saturday, making the most of your time off. This is especially convenient for busy professionals who wish to maximize their holiday days.


While the thought of a Friday wedding might be new to you, these advantages show just how rewarding it can be. It’s about making your wedding not just a day, but a full, joyous experience for everyone involved – including yourselves.



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