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CJ’s Top 3 Tips For Managing Stress While Planning Your Wedding

February 13, 2020
February 13, 2020

tips from master wedding planner CJ Dickson to manage stress while planning a wedding


According to Zola, a whopping 96% of couples admit that planning a wedding is stressful.


And while I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to completely bypass all wedding stress, here are three tips you can use today to minimize your pre-wedding anxiety.



In this busy season of life, taking a break for yourself (even just an hour to go to the gym) can trigger major feelings of bridal guilt. But here’s what you need to remember: your wedding is one day. Even though it’s an important one, you have to keep this one day in perspective with the rest of your life. 



Too many couples focus so much on planning the wedding, they forget they are also preparing for marriage. Don’t let all of the things on your to-do list take away from your relationship. Make sure you schedule regular date nights with your fiance where talking about wedding plans is strictly forbidden! I don’t recommend starting a new hobby together right now, but just make some time for each other that isn’t directly related to the wedding itself. 



I’m guessing that you were hired by your company because you are a rock star at what you do. While you may be a total expert in your field, you are not an expert at wedding planning. If you wanted to build a house, you wouldn’t just buy a book and a hammer and cross your fingers that you would figure it out as you go. You would hire an architect or maybe a contractor who is an expert in the field and has a team of tradesmen in place to bring your ideas to life.


By hiring a wedding planner or choosing a full-service venue like CJ’s Off the Square, you are saving yourself hundreds of hours of time and ultimately money (because you know time is money). You also have the confidence to know that things will be done right and that if something does not go according to plan, someone besides you can implement Plan B. 


Sometimes the DIY approach to weddings just isn't worth it


Here’s the thing: sometimes the DIY approach just isn’t worth it.


Unless crafting brings you incredible joy, or the idea of staying up until 2 AM the night before your wedding to unbox a dozen crates of fresh flowers and turn them into centerpieces and bouquets sounds like your idea of a good time, sometimes, things are better left to the professionals.


Working with a wedding planner can not only take dozens of things off your plate, but they also bring years of insight and experience which can help you avoid costly mistakes. Let’s be honest: you don’t know what you don’t know. So working with a pro can not only mitigate stress, but also give you a higher quality result with a built in back-up plan.  




I hope these three tips to help you manage stress while planning your wedding have been helpful.


If family drama is giving you anxiety, take a look at this insightful post from couple’s therapist (and former CJ’s Off the Square bride) Cadey Phipps. 


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