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If I choose a Friday for my wedding, will my guests be able to attend?

November 11, 2023
November 11, 2023

Ask CJ Dickson | Founder of CJ's Off the Square



We love your venue and really want to get married in the fall. But all of your Saturdays are already booked. We are thinking about a Friday wedding, but my mom says that will make it harder for people to come. What do you think? 



First of all, yay! I’m so glad you love CJ’s Off the Square! Second: This is a great question. And my answer may surprise you and your mom! I am actually a huge fan of Friday weddings for a few reasons.

One often overlooked advantage of a Friday wedding is the increased likelihood that your guests can attend. It’s a bit counterintuitive. But if you think about it, Saturdays are typically filled with personal commitments for many people – from children’s sporting events to professional obligations and other social engagements. These commitments can make it challenging for some guests to attend a Saturday wedding, especially if travel is involved.



Fewer Conflicts or Previous Commitments

On Fridays, however, these conflicts are usually less common. A Friday wedding could mean your guests only need to take a day off work, and they’re free to enjoy a long weekend celebration with you. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for them to break away from the routine, start their weekend early, and enjoy the unique experience of a weekday celebration.

Your local guests may need to skip out of work a bit early to make a 5 pm ceremony on a Friday. But, that is often much easier to do than reschedule a Saturday full of dance class, soccer games, or that ultimate Frisbee tournament your best friend can’t stop talking about.

Additionally, for guests who might typically reserve weekends for errands or downtime, attending a Friday wedding could be a welcome change. It turns your special day into a special event, not just another weekend commitment. This can make the experience more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.



Less Expensive Travel Days

A Friday wedding can also be beneficial for guests who might be traveling from out of town. They can take advantage of potentially less crowded travel days and better accommodation rates, turning their trip into a mini-vacation that extends beyond just your wedding day.


Having your wedding on a Friday wedding might actually enhance your guests’ overall experience of your wedding.



Consider the Needs of Your Friends & Family

Every group is different and your family and friends may have different expectations or ability to travel. So I always want you to consider your unique circumstances. If you think a Friday could work for you, float the idea to two or three trusted friends or family members and see what they say. My guess is that the people who matter most to you will move heaven and earth to be with you no matter what day of the week your wedding falls on. But, from my experience of planning weddings for more than 18 years, I have never seen a Friday wedding turn out to have a lower than expected attendance.

But if the idea of a Friday falls flat, consider a Saturday in a less busy time of year.

Throughout this post I’ve shared some photos from some of my favorite recent Friday weddings. And tap the photo below to see a destination wedding where our Canadian couple intentionally chose a Friday so they could enjoy exploring Nashville with friends and family all weekend long.

And one thing is for sure, you can’t tell from the pictures what day of the week it is! It feels like an important consideration right now, but after the wedding, no one if going to even remember that you had your wedding on a Friday …they will just remember how much fun they had … assuming you book with us, of course! 😉