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5 Tips to Help you Decide Who Should Be A Bridesmaid

May 27, 2023
May 27, 2023

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1. Don’t Rush Your Choice

We know in the excitement of a fresh engagement it can be tempting to run and ask anyone who initially comes to mind to be a bridesmaid, but give yourself time to be intentional about deciding who you really want beside you. Ask yourself, “Will I be close with this person in 5, or even 10 years?” Also, be sure to be clear about your expectations upfront. If you have a $500 dress in mind you expect them to purchase, along with hair and make-up day of, and are planning lots of bridal festivities you want them to be able to attend, be super clear about this.


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2. Matchy Matchy is So Last Year

Don’t worry about matching numbers with your partner. Our OCD really appreciates when things are even, but it’s not worth having someone in your wedding party you don’t really want there just for numbers sake.


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3. Obligation Invites? No thanks!

Don’t ask someone just because you feel like you HAVE to. Family/future-family dynamics can be complicated, but there’s a fine line between not wanting to cause unnecessary drama, and making sure your wedding party is only people you truly want with you. And don’t feel like you have to ask someone just because you were in their wedding. We know this might require an uncomfortable conversation, but be honest with yourself and with this person who might be expecting to be a part of the wedding. You can be truthful while also being sensitive and compassionate.


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4. Be Considerate

Consider everyone’s current season of life. If they have a super demanding job or a busy family, let them know you thought of them, but will respect their decision to decline if they’re not in a place to commit right now. There are still ways to honor them. Maybe they can be a greeter or give a toast at the reception.


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5. Wedding Parties Are 100% Optional

Don’t feel like you even HAVE to have an official wedding party. A lot of our couples this year don’t have official bridesmaids and groomsmen, although all their closest friends are still coming together and surrounding them with love the day of!