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Stylish Send-offs | Make the Most of Your Grand Exit!

June 6, 2013
June 6, 2013

Birdseed and rice have always been a fun way to send off the bride and groom after the wedding into their new life, but this is one small detail that you can have a lot of fun with! Here are some alternatives to add some fun personality into your send-off.

Bubbles – No one can deny the whimsical, childlike fun of bubbles!

Wedding Grand Exit Bubbles

Glow Sticks – These are great to keep the atmosphere going right into the after party!

Wedding Grand Exit Glow Sticks

Lavender – Not only is it pretty, but the smell is wonderful too!

Wedding Grand Exit Lavender

 Rose Petals – These are beautiful and can be easily matched to your floral arrangements.

Wedding Grand Exit Rose Petals


Ribbon Shakers – These are so much fun, and kids and adults alike will love them!

Wedding Grand Exit Ribbon Streamer Shakers