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Meet the Pros | MakeUp Artist Amy Lynn Larwig

November 3, 2011
November 3, 2011

I am: Amy Lynn Larwig

I’m Known For: makeup and hair fabulousness

Website: www.amylynnlarwig.com

What I do for fun (when I’m not doing a wedding): My husband and I cook a lot, and we watch a ton of sitcoms and documentaries.

Favorite Nashville Area Hang: El Sombrero. Chips & Salsa. Outdoor patio. And $1.25 Dos Equis! Yessss……

What should a bride look for in a hair/makeup artist? The hair/makeup artist that you choose for your wedding day should be someone that meets your needs in a few ways. First of all, you have to like their work. If you’re into
soft natural looks and their portfolio only has hot pink and electric blue, they may not be the best fit for you. Also, you need to like them! This is the person you are going to start your wedding day process with, so if they get on your nerves, choose someone else. You want your day to be filled with joy and peacefulness and some excitement, not awkwardness or drama. Choose someone whose personality is a good fit for you.

How far in advance should a bride secure her beauty services? You need to start considering what beauty services you’ll need about 6 months in advance. Some dates are very popular and are booked a year ahead of time, others not so much. But on average, about 6 months out you should start looking into artists.

Do recommend that brides have an aesthetic services done leading up to her wedding? What and when?   If you plan to have any facials, peels, laser treatments, etc done pre-wedding, do it EARLY. Plan your first treatment
several months in advance to observe how your skin reacts. Never have anything done less than 2 weeks before the day. Heaven forbid, you had a reaction, you would need the time for it to clear up. Facials are fantastic and can address
certain skin issues. I recommend a good exfoliating facial if you are having a spring/summer wedding to make sure you get all the winter gunk off.

How do you help a bride decide what the right look is for her wedding day? We take into account lots of details about your wedding and how you normally do your hair and makeup everyday. After talking about the dress, the colors, the location, and the time of day, we consider your normal routine and how pieces of that can play into the wedding day look. I also encourage all of my ladies to bring in pictures from magazines or online that they like.

What are some of your favorite looks you’ve done for our CJ’s brides?

Sarah – those eyes! She only needed a little bit to make her face dazzle. And she has fantastic skin, so a glowy finish was perfect.

Britney – This bride was so hot. She had striking blue eyes which we played up with coppers and a dark liner. And those cheekbones were to die for!

Beth – Her hair was one of my favs. Low, classic, and sure to sustain all the heat, hugs, and dancing.