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Meet the Pros | Photographers Chris and Adrienne Scott

April 1, 2011
April 1, 2011

Company: Chris & Adrienne Scott, Photographers

We’re Known for: Genuine Modern Portraiture

What we do for fun (when not working): We LOVE the drive in movies in Watertown. $7 per person for a double feature? Yes, please.

Favorite Nashville Area Hang (Restaurant/Bar/Shop/Museum): Our couch, with some popcorn and an entire season of 24 (or Dexter, or Arrested Development, or Lost) on DVD from Netflix.

Why Photography? We’re both creatives, through and through and both started as musicians.  We just love creating images that move people.

Where is the most unique location you have shot a wedding? #1. On a cliff at Fall Creek Falls State Park.  #2. While standing in the ocean in Destin, FL.

How can couples ensure their personalities will come through in the photography of such a special day? Hire a photographer who you can feel comfortable being yourself around.  Look for someone who will naturally pull your personality out of you while you’re in front of the camera.  In other words, hire us.  =)

Wedding photography can cost several thousand dollars. Is there a way to save money but not sacrifice quality? Be sure that you’re putting your money on the things you find important.  If photography is the most important aspect of your wedding for you, invest your money in that.  If you’re absolutely in love with a photographer’s work, but you simply can’t afford them for your wedding day, consider booking them for an after session, which usually costs substantially less than wedding coverage, but you’re still getting the photos you love, without the pressure of a wedding day schedule.

You have shot several times at CJ’s Off the Square. What are your top 3 favorite shots?

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