Alexis + Abdul | November 1

July 15, 2010
July 15, 2010

Sometimes we like to take a look back at favorite events from the past and this is certainly one of them! Alexis and Abdul held an incredibly unique, outdoor wedding & reception here at CJ’s Off the Square on November 1, and we were thrilled to have Zach & Jody Gray of Gray Photography here to shoot it.

Alexis & Abdul incorporated a bevy of details from around the world into their evening. Abdul’s brother officiated the garden ceremony, and guests signed a beautiful keepsake certificate in the Quaker tradition. The bridesmaids’ kimonos  and tea leaves used in the florals were a nod to their love of Japan, and guests dined on halal curry in honor of the groom’s family. They then enjoyed the stylings of a swing band and danced the night away!